Riverside Hearing Aid Service

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Dear Ernie,
What a splendid difference you have made in my "Golden Years!" In fact, at the risk of disillusioning you, these years are more like tinfoil.--except of course in the audio department. Thanks to you and your superb efforts, when I step outside now, I hear birdsong I haven't heard since- well, since before my golden years began.

The exquisite care you gave to insure the right device to correct my hearing loss is responsible for my shedding many of my 81 years, and it is amazing how much younger I feel simply because I "hear younger."

You have brought not only experience, but art to the enhancement of audio and confidence that hearing well brings to life.

You and your wonderful Christine have never failed to follow up with warmth and a welcome-home generosity of spirit that is rare in today's--all too often-- "me first'' attitude. You always place your grateful hearing- deprived clients FIRST and give them, i.e. US a life of fulfillment.

For all this, I send my deep gratitude,

Ruth Simpson

It is now almost three years since I was fitted with my WIDEX hearing aid, and I am still delighted. The efficient functioning of the hearing aid was more or less expected, but the service I received from Riverside's Ernie Watson was exemplary and much appreciated. The thorough testing, advice on choice of aid model, and careful instruction on use and care of the hearing instrument was very useful. The many follow-ups were very comforting.

I had no hesitation in recommending Riverside services to some of my hearing-impaired friends.

Many thanks,to Christine for her caring consideration.

Matina Billias.