Dear Mr. Watson:
Thank you very much for your guidance and assistance in the process of selecting and purchasing my hearing aids.  As I explained to you, it took me a long while to admit that hearing aids might be the solution to my growing difficulty with verbal communication.  Your patient and comprehensive discussion about hearing loss and the various products available and what they could do for me was not just thorough and detailed but also very comforting.

I have been extremely happy with my Widex Hearing Aids and the Widex Bluetooth attachment.  Many friends and relatives had told me that they had never been satisfied with any hearing assistance devices.  I can happily report that that has not been the case with me.  I followed your advice about a “getting used to” period and your steady scrutiny and fine-tuning, until I finally became comfortable and happy with the results.  Your efforts have made a big positive difference in my life.

Your extensive training and ongoing follow-up have been of great benefit as I learned about the use and care of my equipment.  Your professional treatment has been exemplary.  I thank and commend you for your assistance.  I strongly recommend your services to anyone who might want to consider acquiring hearing aids.


Vanderlyn R. Pine, Ph.D.

Dear Ernie,
I have been coming to see you for over six years now and want to write this letter of gratitude and appreciation for all the good care and service you have provided me.  I came to Riverside Hearing by way of a recommendation from my friend Gary Peacock who has been your client for years and who, incidentally, is the world-renown bassist of the Keith Jarrett Trio and knows much about the subtleties of sound and listening.  When I first arrived, you, yourself, tested and retested and very carefully developed a most detailed profile of my hearing loss.  You were quite concentrated on dialing-in each threshold and every nuance of frequency and amplitude.  You looked at the entire range of my hearing and took all the time needed to make sure you had addressed every aspect, every deficit.  You listened to what I had to say about my hearing experience and asked me to consider aspects of it I might have overlooked like the “shhh” background sound you eliminated.  You talked to me at length about the available instruments and their relative advantages.  I decided on a Widex device which you programmed very precisely to respond to my particular hearing loss profile.  Then the moment of truth:  We inserted the device and turned it on: The experience was incredible!  I felt the world open up to me again.  There was so much depth and natural richness to it.  I could hear the radiator ticking, the birds chirping, all the nuance of expression when people talked, and music.  Oh, how glad I was to have the brilliance of the music I love returned to me!  Thank you, Ernie.

It is clear to me, Ernie, that you are more focused on helping people hear well than promoting the success of your own business.  I see how you spend long days testing, fitting, looking at program variables, tuning, adjusting, and studying the new research.  You are a real bodhisattva in the world offering yourself in service to each one of us.  You have never proffered “bargain” and or less than the finest instruments nor have you launched dramatic newspaper ad campaigns.  Your success has depended on your simple formula of integrity, expertise, hard work, and the word-of-mouth recommendations that bring new customers to you every day.  I suspect you could become a large corporation if you wanted to, but your commitment to personally insure that we all have the best fit possible sets the limit in another realm.  Thank you for taking such good care of me.

With gratitude for all you do, Ernie!

Robert Ricci

March 3, 2015
Dear Ernie:
Though long overdue, I write to express my deepest gratitude for these many years of the most outstanding, professional, attentive, thorough care I have ever received from a health care provider.  From the day I first came to see you, you and Christine have gone so far beyond anything I might have expected that only superlatives apply.

I think what I have valued most for all this time is your commitment to your clients.  No matter how long it takes, you have never been satisfied until you’re sure it’s right.  I smile every time I remember having said, “It’s fine, Ernie.  I can live with this.”  Only to have you reply, “NO, it isn’t.  I can do better.  Stay where you are.”  Such unselfish dedication to achieving the best outcome has made such a difference in my life!

Another quality that has been equally important is the degree to which you believe in what you sell, and the extent to which you are dedicated to fitting the device that is best for the client, rather than the one that is best for your profit margin.  Because I am able to trust in both your professional honesty and personal integrity, I am secure in the knowledge that what you recommend will always be in my best interest.

Before I close, I also want to praise Christine whose cheerful, welcoming ways set the tone for everything that happens in the office.  It’s wonderful to arrive for an appointment and immediately be made to feel like a part of “the family.”

For all of this and other acts of kindness and generosity too numerous to mention, I say thank you, thank you, thank you.  The Ernie and Christine team is truly one of a kind.

With deepest appreciation,

Jean Cook

Red Hook, New York

March 13, 2015
To Ernie and Christine,
To those of us that are very lucky, once in a lifetime there comes along people so special they are to be treasured like a great gift.  To my wife and I those people are Ernie and Christine, owners of Riverside Hearing Aid Service in Kingston N.Y.

My wife and I are both senior citizens and my wife Carol has worn hearing aids most of her life.  We first met Ernie and Christine about 10 years ago when Carol needed new hearing aids.  What a stroke of luck!  They are two of the most caring people in a relaxed, professional setting.  After her hearing test Carol told me how she had never been treated so wonderfully and professionally, EVER!  She went on to say it was the most in depth hearing test she had ever had.  The aids Ernie fitted her with were perfect and she still has them today!

We go back every 3 months to have her aids serviced.  It’s like coming home.  Ernie and Christine have became like family to us.

Fast forward to my recent experience.  A few weeks ago we were at Riverside to get Carol’s aids serviced.  I was talking to Ernie about how my hearing had deteriorated (I’m 70) but living on a fixed income, it would be a long time, if ever that I would be able to afford hearing aids.  Ernie looked at me and a big smile came to his face.  He said Ron, look at this.  He took a box out of one of his cabinets. It contained a pair of hearing aids.  He said they were top of the line costing around $6000.00 when they were new.  They even came with a remote!  Ernie said they belonged to a a wonderful lady that had passed away and her son was thoughtful and generous enough to have donated them to Riverside Hearing.  Ernie said Ron, they’re yours!  I almost couldn’t believe what I was hearing and then I could feel the tears welling up.  Soon after I was scheduled for my own hearing test, which was incredible, and then medical clearance and waiting for Ernie to get the proper receivers for me.  I was fitted with my new “ears” on Monday, 3/9/2015.  Ernie worked for about 3 hours to adjust and set them up perfectly.  I can now hear like a 17 year old!  It’s amazing!

Even to old friends like Ernie and Christine Thank You is not nearly enough.  I hope this letter of gratitude will in some way express my thanks.

If you or someone you know or love has hearing loss there is NO BETTER place and NO MORE WONDERFUL people than Ernie and Christine at Riverside Hearing!!!

Forever Grateful,

Ron Rosner

Kingston, NY

December 10, 2014
Dear Ernie and Christine,

You are magnificent!  Blessed was the day when the universe drew me to your doorstep.  As you know, I was first drawn into checking out my hearing by going to a well-advertized hearing company because they offered a $50 restaurant card!  It was only then that I realized that I actually really did need a hearing aid.  But something told me to check out two other places, yours being the third.  I cannot remember how I found you, since you don’t even advertize!  Even though I had to wait two hours to see you, Ernie, I realized that if you could care so much for the previous patient, then you would also take care of me.  And this you did, in no small measure.

When I had difficulties in adjusting to the hearing aid, mostly due to my being so sensitive to pressure in my very small ear canal, you persisted with getting the size of the mold correct (four tries in all) until I was no longer aware of its existence.  You wouldn’t let me give up!  I wish more people in the world had their priorities in the right order- satisfaction of the customer being top of the list.  I just hope I can repay you by sending more people to get their hearing problems taken care of by the best-YOU!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Peace to you both


Gardiner, New York

May 9, 2014
Dear Ernie,
Just a short note to tell you how absolutely thrilled I am with the Widex hearing aids after you replaced the receivers on Wednesday.  The hearing is absolutely spectacular, and all of the issues that I was having with less sound in the left ear and feedback in the right ear have disappeared.  They are a joy to wear again.  I cannot thank you enough.

I also appreciate your judgment that the Gortex covers would be more of a drawback than they would be worth.

I continue to be amazed and pleased that, unlike so many businesses, you and Christine really do do everything possible to provide top notch products and continuing service to customers at a fair price, and you put maximizing your profits second.  I consider it an absolute blessing that I came to you for assistance when we moved here.  You literally have changed the quality of my life.  Thank you again.


Rodney Plimpton

December 31, 2012
Dear Ernie and Christine,
As we enter the New Year, it is time to say thanks to you both for the wonderful service you provided to me in 2012.

As you know, I am the Clerk of the Village of Saugerties and good hearing is essential to my position. At the insistence of my staff, I finally admitted that my poor hearing was interfering with my ability to do my job.

After your very thorough testing, I was diagnosed with moderate hearing loss and fitted with WIDEX hearing devices. What a difference! I am so pleased with the results!

I am happy to recommend Riverside Hearing to anyone who is experiencing hearing loss.

Very truly yours,

Mary Frank

Village Clerk

November 14, 2012
Dear Ernie,
This letter is a heartfelt THANK YOU for the outstanding service you have provided me over the last several years.

You know that a number of years ago I fired my previous audiologist after he rapidly expanded his practice, resulting in an unacceptable level of care, lack of personal attention and outrageous business practices. I am most fortunate to have found you to attend to my hearing aid needs.

You are an expert, knowledgeable, caring professional with not only vast experience but you have time and again demonstrated an uncommon dedication to achieving the best possible hearing outcome for me. Your patience, thoroughness and willingness to spend untold hours in achieving that goal are, to say the least, uncommon in today’s fast paced and competitive world.

I also appreciate your straightforward business practices. Each time I have needed new hearing aids, you have made it clear that you are recommending what best suits my hearing loss, rather than pushing the most expensive “top of the line”. You quote a price, and that is it….no matter how much time you have spent with me or how many adjustment visits I required “to get it right”.

Some time ago, when you measured a sudden severe hearing loss in one of my ears, you sent me to an ENT before you would consider adjusting my then current hearing aids or fitting me with new ones. Three specialists later your early detection has finally been diagnosed as Meniéres disease, an incurable malfunction of the inner ear. The severe loss and especially the instability of that loss posed a very tough challenge for both you and me. I am grateful you persisted through numerous iterations of tests, fittings and adjustments, seeing me late at night and even on Saturday as needed.

Before closing, I must recognize and thank Christine for her always cheerful and welcoming attitude. No matter how difficult it has been to fit me into your busy schedule on short notice, it always happened.

Once again, I say THANK YOU to both of you.

Best Regards,

Dr. Arthur Lipton

December 14, 2011
Dear Ernie and Christine,
After more than a year of your extraordinary service I can attest that everything I read in your testimonials is true. I consider myself very lucky to have found you.

Before moving to this area I went to a very professional audiologist who had worked for Harvard University, and was fitted with a state of the art device by a leading manufacturer. It made some difference in some situations, but not enough for me to wear it regularly. And I was lead to believe that was just the way it was.

When that stopped working I found Riverside Hearing and Ernie took lots of time to fit me with a pair of Widex Passion hearing aids. What a difference! I got them just before a trip to Montana to see my grandchildren, and for the first time I could hear them clearly without having to say “what?” all the time. As a result we had a much better visit with more conversation. Similarly I can now both hear and understand theater, television, conversations in the car, and even in noisy restaurants. You may not have added years to my life, but you certainly have added life to my years! Thank you.

Beyond that I have come to appreciate the continuous support that you have provided through training me to put the hearing aids away in a dry-box each night, clean the earbuds each day, and scheduling regular checkups. It has made the whole experience trouble and stress free.

I would urge anyone with a hearing problem to come to you. I can’t imagine getting a better value or more satisfaction anywhere else. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Rodney Plimpton

Red Hook, New York

March 2, 2011
To Whom It May Concern,
Ed and I want to thank Ernie and Christine for the extraordinary service they both have provided us over the past six years.

When we first came to Riverside hearing in August 2005, Ed was already wearing hearing aids, but they just weren’t working. He had been fitted with in-the-ear hearing aids. Unfortunately, the hearing aid frequently became clogged with wax and Ed’s ear canals became painful. Even though we faithfully followed the documented procedure for cleaning, we frequently had to bring the hearing aids in for a professional cleaning. In short, these hearing aids were a complete disaster.

Ernie fitted Ed with Widex Aikia behind-the-ear aids. Before suggesting this model, Ernie took the time to get to know Ed and determine the best model for Ed. Throughout the initial discussion, testing, fitting and training, Ernie took the time to listen to Ed and make sure he was satisfied. We sensed immediately that Ernie was an experienced, competent professional, and this was right where we belonged.

When Ed was hospitalized, he lost one of his hearing aids. Ernie took the time to write a letter for our insurance company. We had no problem getting a replacement. Ed was hospitalized again last year. This time one of his hearing aids fell on the floor, and someone stepped on it. Once again, Ernie wrote a letter for our insurance company.

It wasn’t until I needed hearing aids myself this year, that I could appreciate the value of well fitted hearing aids. I was able to observe first hand how skilled and patient Ernie is. He is very thorough testing and you know you will get the perfect instrument. Ernie suggested the Widex Passion, a mini behind-the-ear hearing aid with the receiver right in the ear. I just love them. They are so small that you hardly notice them even though I wear my hair short. The sound is very clear and very natural. I had not realized how much hearing I had lost until I wore these hearing aids. Now, I can hear birds singing, my grandchildren talking even when they talk softly in a noisy room, and I don’t keep saying “what” to my husband. All this is automatic-I don’t have to do a thing but enjoy the sounds I have been missing.

Ernie went over every step of the care and maintenance of the hearing aids with me. I felt like I was all thumbs when I tried to insert the hearing aids, but Ernie made tactful suggestions that made a big difference. The care is quite simple. You just have to wash the domes and change the wax guard when needed.

Ernie and Christine have become good friends. We never dread our visits to Riverside Hearing. Even if we have to wait, we don’t mind. We know we will get the same unrushed service. We enjoy talking to Christine, who is always cheerful, watching Shauna and looking at the lovely art work. Thank you both for always being there for us.


Ed and Katie Milhaven

Port Ewen, New York

June 2, 2010
I am most pleased with the service Ernie of Riverside has provided with my new hearing aids. He listens. He thinks. He wants to get it absolutely right. I apparently have an unusual sensitivity in one ear, and Ernie was not satisfied until I was sure I was very comfortable with it. He gave a lot of his time and expertise. Ernie clearly loves what he is doing, is good at it, knows a lot and is eager to learn more as new developments occur. An added plus is that he is a nice man. I highly recommend Ernie of Riverside Hearing Aid Service.

Leonard B. Holmes- semi-retired Psychologist

Olivebridge, New York

To Whom It May Concern:
I have been a client of Riverside Hearing Aid Service for the better part of a decade, during which time I have always been completely and entirely satisfied not just with the products I’ve bought from them, but most especially with the quality of service I’ve received at their hands.

Whether it’s been for a hearing test, or for the fitting and purchase of a pair of aids worth several thousands of dollars each, or for the simplest of service on an old and unsophisticated machine, I’ve never gotten anything other than Ernie’s complete and most considerate attention, and the full benefit of his considerable expertise.

He believes in the products he sells, and has never attempted to sell me a device he felt wasn’t the best for me for the sake of making more cash on the deal. Indeed, he’s gone out of his way to accommodate his prices to my budget, sometimes to the point, it would seem, of reducing his profit margin nearly to non-existence–and always with good will, good humor and patience.

Ernie seems to be that rare thing, a merchant who takes genuine pleasure in improving his client’s quality of life, and who gives every indication of valuing it above making a pile of money on every transaction.

I’d never hesitate to recommend Riverside, both as a business in general and as a hearing aid service in particular; I consider them outstanding on both counts.


Gerrit Graham

Rhinebeck, New York

Dear Ernie,
Thank you for the excellent service you have rendered to me. I have been extremely satisfied with the care, concern and professionalism that you and Christine have demonstrated.

I have been astonished at the amount of time you spent with me helping to both analyze what I would need and then fine-tuning those “YUU” hearing aids once I got them. Your thoroughness exceeded all my expectations. I had been to other providers for testing and so I am aware of what you provide versus what I experienced from other practitioners. The fact that you were willing to order and fit me for two different models so I could make a wise choice for myself is so appreciated.

I do place strong significance on high-quality service and a realistic price (did I forget to mention that your price was the BEST price by far) and heartily recommend you to all. I have already enthusiastically told many people about you including my own family.

I will never forget going to a classical concert right after I got the hearing aids and I heard the high notes from the orchestra that I had not heard in quite a number of years. Thank you for helping me to hear and appreciate music that I love and the sounds around me once more.

Sincerely yours,

Sheldon Zelizer, CPA

Dear Ernie:
Just a brief note to thank you for turning the onerous chore of purchasing new hearing aids into a pleasant and often instructive experience. There are not too many people left in service professions who, like you, have the patience and take the time to tackle a complex assignment with enthusiasm and energy and are satisfied only when it is brought to a successful conclusion.

I’m sure we’ll be seeing each other when I need to come in for service or for occasional tune-ups of the instruments. In the meantime, accept my gratitude for a job well done.

With best regards,

Dr. Hal Marienthal

Dear Ernie:
On this, the 1st Anniversary of my purchase from you of the Phonak BTE 311 hearing aids, I thought it only fitting to make some formal comments concerning both the instruments and accompanying service you have rendered on my behalf.

A hearing aid user for almost 25 years, I thought that the service and advice I had been receiving over these several decades was the best. That is until my wife and I met you. At the time, my hearing aids were more than several years old and, in spite of your valiant efforts to service and adjust them, they were, frankly, not adequate to compensate for my hearing loss.

Your professionalism in guiding me through the intricate maze of hearing instruments impressed me greatly, as did your willingness to accommodate my every need in an effort to provide me with the instruments which would best give me optimum performance.

Having said that, however, your continued efforts over the last 12 months to eke out the very best performance possible from this Phonak product demonstrates vividly that you will truly go to any lengths to help your clients achieve the very highest level of hearing to cope with their shortcoming.

While we will both agree that the hearing instruments I purchased from you are, without a doubt, the best available, offering a world of versatility, they are, nevertheless, merely mechanical devices which come alive only with your delicate and imaginative adjustments coupled with your amazing sense of what can best benefit the user!

Your unselfish dedication to my satisfaction is admirable. Your willingness to continually strive for greater and wider versatility and service is greatly appreciated.

Thanks so very much for caring so much to improve the quality of my life!


Bernie Wainer

Dear Ernie:
The invaluable service given to me by you and Christine have been above and beyond anything I could have hoped for. Your help in finding the right hearing aids, have made such a difference in my life at 93. I want you to know how very deeply appreciative I am for all your patience and loving care. I’m so lucky to have found both of you.


Catherine Newell

I went too long without hearing aids-when I talk with some one who has a problem, I love sharing my experience. The average person has no idea what kind of “aid” they need and really put the life of their ears in the hands of their helper- I had good vibes when I entered your office and when I left, I had total confidence in you. Praising you is easy to do.


MaryLou Vogt

To Whom It May Concern:
I’m not one who writes many letters, but I’m making an exception because of the kindness shown by Christine and Ernie. Our relationship started about ten (10) years ago when I found my hearing getting worse. At that time, I contacted Ernie at the Kingston office. I had talked with other offices regarding hearing aids, but none appealed to me. Upon meeting Ernie, I felt that I found someone who was interested in helping me and not just interested in selling a hearing aid. Through the years both Ernie and Christine treated me like family.

At the beginning of 2006, I needed a new hearing instrument, so I made an appointment to discuss new hearing aid technology. Ernie discussed the Oticon manufacturer, and I could tell that he was enthused about the quality of products from this manufacturer.

I was fit with an Oticon Tego Pro Behind-The-Ear (BTE) hearing instrument using what is called the open fit, and I was amazed at the quality of sound. I could hear conversations so much better, even when surrounded by all sorts of noise. I have to say thank you to Ernie and Christine at Riverside for introducing me to the Tego Pro by Oticon from Denmark. It is the best investment I have ever made, and I’m sure anyone else who wants a quality hearing aid would be satisfied with the Oticon product line of hearing instruments.

And Yes, Ernie and Christine continue to treat me like family. Other customers I have seen in the Riverside office would all say the same thing: ” We are thankful for people who are interested in helping people with a hearing problem and being treated like a member of the family.”

Mr. Charles Wagor

Dear Ernie:
Just a few lines to say THANK YOU. I have been wearing hearing aids most of my life and have been to many hearing aid services. In all those years I have never had such super professional care and truly personal attention to my hearing loss. From the moment I walked in to Riverside Hearing Aid Service (Kingston, NY), and was greeted by Christine, it was an experience I will never forget. I was immediately made to feel at home and comfortable. That was just the beginning. The hearing aid evaluation you administered was the most in depth and eye opening procedure I have ever had. You discussed with me, at length, my hearing problem and which hearing aids would best suit my needs.

Because I have hearing loss in one ear greater than the other, you suggested Oticon Tego Pro and Oticon Adapto hearing instruments. Thanks to you I can now hear at a level I never dreamed of. End of story? No, not by a long shot. The next day Christine called me to see how I was doing. You had me return several times to make sure the aids were functioning properly and that I was comfortable with them. I can’t thank you and Christine enough for your kindness, thoughtfulness, and professionalism. People like you are very rare and come along once to the very lucky. With deepest appreciation,

Carol Rosner

To Whom It May Concern:
Ernie Watson of Riverside Hearing Aid Service is a true professional. Ernie is knowledgeable, conscientious, caring, and concerned. Mr. Watson graciously accommodates my atypical hearing needs. I bought Senso hearing aids from Ernie; he adjusted them, so that I can better teach my college classes. Ernie Watson’s staff mirrors his friendliness and help. I highly recommend Ernie for any type of hearing help, from aids to earplugs.

Dr. Gloria Karin

Dear Chris and Ernie,
I would like you and all who come to you to know how pleased I have been with your services.

From the first time I met you both I have felt comfortable with you. I have been wearing hearing aids for some time now and have had experience with other companies. One seemed to be interested only in sales, in another place, older patients were treated in a condescending and bossy manner. In contrast, Ernie has always been professional and friendly. He goes out of his way to find the hearing aid that is right for you and takes the time to explain everything clearly and understandably.

I would urge anyone who needs a hearing aid evaluation and finds themselves in a position to require a hearing aid to see Ernie at Riverside Hearing Aid Service.

Ms. Carolyn H. Taylor

Dear Ernie:
I have been wearing hearing aids for 30 years and for the past few years I have been wearing a digital product with good success. But, the results that I’m receiving from the new Phonak Perseo hearing aid are amazing. The basic fact is, that this hearing aid from Phonak has changed the quality of my life.

I live a very busy life and work in a restaurant environment, where I’m constantly either talking on the phone or attempting to hear conversation in very noisy situations. Hearing in noise and listening on the phone were very difficult for me, even with my prior digital hearing aid. Now, thanks to you and the Phonak Perseo 311, I’m able to converse in the restaurant and no more problems with the telephone.

Thank you Ernie for guiding me to a product that has literally changed my life.


Jerome Peskowitz

Dear Ernie,
I wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying my Sebotek hearing aids.

More than anyone, you know what I have been through in finding an appropriate hearing aid. This note can only hint at the gratitude I have for you and the effort you put into fitting me with an appropriate instrument. Your dedication to your profession and your craft was apparent time and time again.

Overtime, I had realized that in having moderate hearing loss, my mood and willingness to socialize had also been severely affected. My ability to work had been compromised and, worse, I had begun to think my situation was hopeless. All this has changed, thanks to you. I am able to enjoy movies, dining out and going to parties again. My wife has told me how happy she is, too. The TV is at an appropriate level, and amazingly, the people I talk with no longer seem to be mumbling. Best of all, I have my own “voice” and I do not seem to be talking with a head cold all the time.

I want to make clear that, while the instrument is superb, I am a happy client because of the care I received. I had the sense that you would be willing to devote any amount of time to the challenge of fitting me properly. I would also like to thank Christine for her warmth and offer of good cheer whenever I called.


Robert M. Aude, MA, MFT

To whom it may concern:
I want to thank Ernie & Christine Watson for the wonderful service they gave me while in the process of purchasing a Hearing Aid for myself.

Not only did I receive a VERY professional fitting of my new Hearing Aid, but also Ernie went out of his way to arrange to have my Aid, which I had purchased from another Hearing Aid Service, to be returned to the original factory for repair, at no cost to me.

The Behind-the-ear Aid I purchased, at the recommendation of Ernie, was a Phonak, with a remote control for easy adjustments in different Environments. I’m VERY pleased with the improvement of my hearing level ability.

Thanks again Ernie & Christine.


Charlie Brodhead

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